Thursday, October 05, 2006


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Here we are talking about Katharina Rosa Loewy, but we also refer to her as Kate Rosalie Loewy. We have been looking for a very long time. Nearly all the Loewy's that I have had contact with were from Slovakia before the second World War. We are looking for any Loewy's who had relatives in Berlin. I believe that the very last rabbi in Berlin (up to 1943, unbelievable! I have no sources to corroborate this) was Rabbi Loewy. Please get in touch.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Same person or someone else?

Katharina Rosa is the name that appears in documentation recently optained. But She was always refered to as Kate Rosalie. On i have found the following record.

Surname LOEWY
Given Name ROSALIE
Middle Name -
Birth Date 01/05/1882
Death Date 08/03/1961
Birth Place GERMANY
Social Security # -
Mother's Maiden Name KAISER
Father's Surname LOEWY

While the dates of birth are not identical, they are only 50 weeks apart. I am looking for contact with decendants of Rosalie Loewy (1882 - 1961).

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Katharina Rosa Loewy

Katharina Rosa Loewy

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Historic photo material

I have posted all the photos we have concerning Katharina Rosa and her descendants on flickr.

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Katharina Rosa Loewy

Katharina Rosa Loewy born 14 April 1883 in Berlin Germany came to the Netherlands in 1905 to give birth to Ulrich Georg Loewy. Ulrich Georg was born on 30 March 1905. The father was unknown. The child was known as Georg and was adopted by George Johannes Christiaan Eichorn, a business relation of Katharina Rosas father.

After the birth of (Ulrich) Georg, Katharina returned to Germany and was never heard of again. I have done some research as to what happened to Katharina. We have no evidence of anything. I have checked alot of Holocaust records to no avail. I have also checked a jewish genealogy site and have no definate answers. There is a more than resonable chance though that Katharina Rosa Loewy did get to America. If any of these details mean anything to you please contact us.